Digital Transformation

We have all heard the phrase, but what exactly is Digital Transformation and how will it improve your bottom line? Simply put, it is the conversion of analogue “pen and paper” documents and processes to more efficient and cost effective ways of managing your business. If I asked how many processes you had in your business, could you tell me? Have these processes been carefully analysed and documented to make sure that the efficiency reigns supreme?

Analogue paper trails certainly limit the volume of transactional processes. You can only print on so much paper in a day; you can only make so many calls to close deals and then the day is over. What if you digitally defined all your transactional processes so that it did not matter how many orders you received on any given day? Your new digitised process will allow your business to grow exponentially, without the errors and omissions accompanying the traditional transactional methods.

123mds, together with our Document Solutions Partner, Kyocera South Africa, bring you the ultimate in Enterprise Content Management Software. Laserfiche has been used for many years by trusted businesses to digitise business processes in order to allow for great organic growth just by tightening up on the speed and efficiency that is lacking in most of our transactional processes. Laserfiche uses there Digital Transformation Model to illustrate a roadmap to guide you through the 3 steps – Digitize, Automate and Transform.

We would love to accompany you on your transformation journey. Please contact our vibrant sales team for more information on how we can assist you with printing less and selling more.

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