The most secure way to sign your documents

Automation frees human employees to do what they do best; think creatively, intelligently as well as add value while automating the mundane, repetitive and error prone aspects of their jobs.

In this economic climate sustainability of businesses is a very real issue. Automation is a cost saver and revenue enhancer.

Companies are under pressure to stay competitive. In response to market drivers such as cost and risk reduction, governance and compliance and employee and customer satisfaction, automation is a compelling solution.

A cloud-based solution that allows secure distribution of documents for online signing.

SigningHub is a comprehensive digital signature solution that can quickly optimise the way your organisation delivers, reviews, approves and signs your business documents.

Paper-based ink signing is no longer an effective tool for document approval in today’s competitive digital business environment. Implementing digital signatures services through SigningHub delivers value on many fronts:

Increases process efficiency

Shorten your sales cycle by signing online & reduce customer drop-off rates when waiting for ink signatures; free your staff to do core business rather than chase paper.

Cut paper-related costs

Printing, couriering, faxing, scanning, searching for paper documents & archiving are all time-consuming and expensive processes. On top of this, ink signatures are insecure which can lead to fraud, compliance failure costs, heavy fines & reputation damage.

Increase security

Ensure the digital identities of your transacting parties are verified securely and signed documents are cryptographically locked from unauthorised change; ensure legal certainty using an undisputable evidence trail.

Eliminate errors and re-work

By putting the approval process online SigningHub can prevent documents from being submitted with missing signatures, initials or incomplete form fields.

Increase visibility

Track the true status of your documents, know with certainty that your documents were indeed received, reviewed and signed by each signatory with the exact date/time each action was performed based on trusted time-server.

Provide a great user experience

Make life simpler and save time for your customers,employees & business partners by doing business smartly. Demonstrate your digital security innovativeness and ultimately increasing your brand loyalty.

How SigningHub Works!


The user logs into SigningHub and uploads the document to be signed off. Documents are converted to PDF/A format for long-term rendering and accessibility.


The user adds signer info, initials fields, legal notices, signing order, etc. Alternatively. the user selects a pre-defined workflow template. Then sends the document for sign-off.

Notify 1st Signer

SigningHub notifies the first signer of their pending signing action via email.

Notify 1st Signer

SigningHub notifies the first signer of their pending signing action via email.

Review & Sign

First signer logs in and is authenticated using the configured method. Then the signer must accept any legal notices and complete any mandatory form fields before signing.

Notify Owner

SigningHub notifies the owner that the document was signed, and also notifies any subsequent signers of their pending signing action(and step 4 repeats for each signer in workflow).

Document History

The owner can keep track of sign-off status at anytime by checking the SigningHub document history.

Download the SigningHub brochure to learn more:

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