Why you need proper desktop & server support services

Ensure peace of mind through quality support services in your business.

Imagine trying to knock a nail into a wall with a banana. It’s unlikely that you would try because, of course, bananas just aren’t designed for DIY. You need the right equipment for the job at hand. The same can be said for the computer equipment and software you use at work.

If you or your employees have the wrong hardware and software or configuration, it can slow down workflow and processes, affecting productivity. Making sure your workforce is enabled with the right equipment saves time and money in the long term. Here are a few pointers to ensure peace of mind when you have proper desktop and support services in place.

Tech attracts talent

Data published by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) shows that 4.25 million people in the United States quit their jobs in January 2022. This is up from 3,3 million in 2021. And while these statistics don’t reflect the South African landscape, the impact of what is being called “The Great Resignation” in the US is also being felt locally.

According to Chris Blair, Chief Executive of Remuneration and HR consultancy 21st Century, in a report published by Businesstech, the national average for staff turnover in South Africa in 2021 was 10%. And of that, nearly 40% was as a result of resignations.

Global data following the worst of the pandemic has seen a shift in employee behaviour. More people are prepared to leave their jobs if they aren’t happy at work. There are many reasons for this mass exodus. And according to research from TRUCE Software, one in five (21%) of the people surveyed said companies that offer the latest technology influence their desire to work for them.

According to a Gallup report, the cost of replacing employees who leave is one-half to two times the employee’s annual salary. So, staff retention simply makes financial sense, especially in the context of South Africa’s “Brain Drain”, which has seen thousands of professional workers leave the country.

The best employers can do under the circumstances is to make sure they enhance their EVP (Employee Value Proposition) because happy employees are more likely to stay. It is essential to make sure your staff have all the right technology at their disposal. When that’s covered, they can do their jobs unhindered by slow systems or outdated equipment. This will ultimately help you keep your operating costs under control in the long term, even if the initial investment seems high.

Enable your staff to be their best

Making sure your staff have the right technology at their disposal starts with a solid IT infrastructure. This incorporates effective data storage and/or cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery protocols and hardware and network support that will form the backbone of your core business. 

With the right systems in place, you and your staff will have time to focus on what matters – generating revenue for the business. But many small businesses and even mid-sized businesses don’t have the budget to hire a full-time IT support team to manage all the infrastructure they need.

A managed service from an outsourced IT support company can fill the gap, taking care of all your connectivity needs. These include office automation, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or digital telephony, IT, power or load shedding failsafes and digital security protocols for a fixed monthly fee.

123mds is one business partner for all your digital platforms and will keep you up to date with regular monitoring and reports from the all-encompassing N-able RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) solution.

Outsourced IT support for better quality of life

In a digitally-driven world, where proximity and location don’t matter, outsourcing companies are taking over to provide full-time, quality service in a wide range of tech-related areas.

Having an in-house IT team can be costly and has certain limitations. For example, budgetary restraints may only allow you to employ one IT support representative or a small, dedicated team.

Most outsourced IT support companies, however, always have large teams of dedicated experts in different areas available, because they work for several different companies managing a wide range of business disciplines.  

Outsourcing can also cut costs. This is the primary reason most companies use outsourced IT support. You only pay for the selection of services you need for your business and won’t have to pay any full-time salaries or employee benefits.

Desktop & server support services from a distance

No matter where your employees are in the hybrid or remote working world, having the right outsourced IT partner on board is as good as – or better than – having your own internal IT department at your beck and call.

You and your employees get better peace of mind at a more affordable rate that includes support on call no matter where you are in the world. An outsourcing partner will make sure that your network and endpoints are always protected with security tools like patch management, antivirus and endpoint detection and remediation (EDR).

While that may sound like jargon to you, it’s all part of the essential IT infrastructure you need to keep your productivity levels up, security breaches down and your data safe and sound. And if you don’t understand all the terminology yourself, that’s okay. Your IT team is there to decode it all for you so you can get on with running your business.

You won’t have to worry about software upgrades, hardware installation, office automation or any of the other must-have tech you need to keep your employees thriving. It will all be monitored and updated regularly by your outsourced IT team.

In a world that is becoming more digitally orientated every day, outsourced IT is the cost-saving, productivity-boosting secret weapon that’s working wonders for businesses all over the world.

Get the quality service you deserve

Established in 1983, 123mds is an “old hand” at providing professional tech support, desktop and IT support services in the commercial and public sectors. 123mds delivers all the quality outsourced support you need to keep your digital infrastructure running seamlessly in the background while you get on with what you do best.

Contact our energetic sales team to partner with the one supplier for all your digital platforms today and get your IT team to work for you.

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