KimiTri was started by Malcom Horn and Cameron Kiloh after the passing of Kim Kiloh from cancer.

Malcom, being Kim’s fiancée and Cameron being Kim’s brother, decided to complete an Ironman event in her honour. After a few discussions with some like minded people, they decided to create a group of athletes to complete the event, not only in honour of Kim, but to raise funds and awareness for cancer patients in need of assistance. This little idea blossomed into the KimiTri brand of today that proudly boasts 14 athletes competing in a multitude of events as well as an additional 18 “non-athlete” members who assist in all the fundraising and awareness campaigns.

123mds, together with KimiTri, are proud and excited to announce our latest sponsorship initiative

Imagine being part of a drive to improve your personal fitness goals and, in so doing, raise money for those less fortunate? That dream has now become a wonderful reality thanks to the 123mds KimiTri team.

Over the next month, 123mds KimiTri will be attempting to raise R 500 000.00 in support of the Choc Childhood Foundation SA. If you would like to be a part of this amazing adventure of self discovery and community based support, please click on the “donate now” button below and follow the necessary steps to donate to a very worthy cause.

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We aim to create an environment for regular day to day people that wish to achieve extraordinary personal goals, as well as help and inspire others along the way.

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