We have invested largely in our VOIP infrastructure in order to give you the finest user experience with uninterrupted and clear calls.
Our bespoke VOIP solutions take into consideration your budget, size of your business and the specific routes your calls need to follow.
When it comes to VOIP it’s all about traffic prioritisation and resource reservation control mechanisms, providing different options and suitable applications that guarantee a certain level of performance dedicated to voice-only over connection, this is what we call QOS (Quality of Service).
Although our call rates are exceptionally competitive, QOS drives every VOIP solution. We proactively manage a stable and secure connection that serves your business whether you are in office or working remotely.
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We offer both cloud based hosted solutions as well as on site PBX. Together with the available soft phone applications you will never miss a call.
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Allow us to port your number onto our network, hassle free, so that you have full control of the destination of your incoming and outgoing calls.

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